Monday, July 25, 2011

Japanese Students in Times Square - by Becky Houran

Lebo, Shiqian and I joined the Ashinaga Foundation for a fundraiser in Times Square to build an orphanage in Japan. There were a mixture of adults, elderly and orphaned teens holding up signs, chanting, “Please help the orphans “ in Japanese and English. The kids were spread out throughout the square handing out small tissue packs that included a pamphlet explaining their cause. It was powerfully touching to see so many New Yorkers, tourists and Japanese-Americans respond so positively with kind words and donations. Seeing cultures some together in a time of need is a powerful thing – even more so on a stiflingly hot, humid day in the heart of the bustling city. I think that anyone feeling the grief of loss would benefit from the heart-warming support of an organization like HappyDoll Inc. or Global Kids Connect.  (6/9/2011)

A little boy's donation brings warmth to everyone's heart

Adorned in eye-catching attire and sporting a bright sign, the students ask for donations

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